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There is something inherently ancient and traditional about Jadavpur, something weightless like the smell of a yellow history but heavy with the burden of rich heritage. Srijan, like most things that belong to JU, has its privilege to share this trait. This itself, along with a drive to become more than what it is has made Srijan earn the renown which it seems to have gathered since its birth. Yet in all this humdrum of virtues Srijan does not forget to encourage and appreciate the art that is creating. 'Come along those who love to think, the quirky ones and the methodists', it says and welcomes young minds with a panache for technology and creativity of unique colours. Full of exciting event some regulars and some new Srijan 2014 is back with 3 days of unadulterated fun and interesting lessons. The workshops and events have been selected carefully keeping in mind the diverse skill set that this tech-fest invites. While the coding and business events emphasize on the participants' problem-solving abilities, those related to Electronics and Robotics deal with a more first-hand approach of practical tech applications. Also too lighten up the academic aura of the fest we have kept Quizzes and Gaming activities which tend to ultimately become everyone's favourite. Overall Srijan explores known dimensions and from them fetches pebbles that might lead to the unknown ones. Srijan's scheduled might be jampacked but its organisers have seen well to ensure that energy never ebbs down in all that hustle. Their efforts and integrity would only reach success through your participation. So hurry! Join us at this incredible techno fiesta from 28th February to 2nd March and help it live up to the expectations. JU awaits you!

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