Bugger On

Euler forgot to lock his screen on his way to lunch. When he returned, his work was a mess. His cat had been dancing on the keyboard and playing with the mouse, leaving a tangled mess of characters in its wake.
Do you like resolving bugs in codes? Of course noy. But are you an expert at editing code someone messed up at the last minute? Have you spent a lot of time resolving bugs for others, wondering how it would ever help you? Srijan'17 brings you this opportunity to use all your experiences to debugify Euler's code and win exciting prizes. Bugger On!

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  • Pattern of exam: An online exam with different sections based on language. A total of __ questions has to be solved combining all languages.
  • Time-duration : 1hr
  • Language used: C,C++,Java,Python
  • Prelims: 24th and 25th Feb
  • Finals: 26th Feb

Prize Money - To be announced soon
Atreyee Ray - 9434049847
Amitrajit Sarkar - 9903596572