Junkyard Wars

“Innovation is the backbone of civilisation.”
And it is this innovation that we tend to harness throughout all progress that Man has made so far. Junkyard Wars brings to you a wasteathon.The objective is simple.
We human beings produce a lot of waste. Waste that might be recycled but isn’t. Waste that might be reused but isn’t.The mantra is three pronged.

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  1. Recycle
    BYOW - Bring Your Own Waste.
    Recycle the waste that you normally would discard. Help keep India cleaner by 1 waste article at least.
  2. ReuseDesign and make an innovative solution to a real life problem using waste that is a by-product of day to day life.
  3. ReproducePrepare a presentation on how you believe your model will be a step above the rest.
  1. 5 participants in one team. Cross college participants in one team are allowed.
  2. Event consists of 2 rounds.
  3. Round 1 consists of a set of questions that test the logical aptitude of participating teams. Top 5 teams move to the next round.
  4. No electronic devices or computation aids are allowed in round 1.
  5. Round 2 will be of minimum 5 hours duration. Teams have to start their model, create an innovative solution and finally pitch their presentation in front of judges.
  6. The decision of event co-ordinators in this event is absolute.
  7. Some special ingredients will be provided which they must incorporate in their model. Teams are encouraged to bring their own waste.
  8. Teams scoring better in prelims will get an advantage in the second round.
  9. Use of laptops, electronic gadgets for information and research purposes in the second round, is allowed.

Prize Money - To be announced soon
Partha Pratim Kar - 9883245361
Aranya Mandal - 8961133064
Nandita Biswas - 7044732298