Kick Off

Design a manually controlled wired robot capable of scoring goals.

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Robot Specifiations
  1. The dimension of robot is 25cmx25cmx20cm, with 10% tolerance.
  2. Weight of the robot should not exceed from 3kg.
  3. There’s no restriction in wheel size, number or type.
  4. Maximum voltage input allowed is 19 V DC.
  5. There’s no restriction in controlling ways, i.e., control can be wired or wireless.
  6. Readymade toys/Lego kits/Hydraulic System/IC engines are not allowed.
Team Specifiations
  1. Team should consist maximum 4 members.
  2. Teams can be formed with cross college members.
  3. Only 2 person will be allowed inside the arena.
  4. Only one robot from each team is allowed inside the arena.
Rules and Regulations
  1. Unethical behavior, e.g., speaking/indicating abusive in the arena, pulling a fight with coordinators/volunteers can cause suspension of the team from the event
  2. Damaging the arena may lead to direct disqualification.
  3. The decision of team Kick-Off is final.
  4. The coordinators have all rights to take final decisions during the event.
  5. The robot maybe disqualified for violating the safety measures.
Event Rules
  1. Each team will be provided with a 220V AC – 50Hz supply. Any kind of onboard power source have to be arranged by the team.
  2. There will be 2 rounds.
    Round 1: Match will be in between two participant bots. Winner will be based on maximum number of goals scored.
    Round 2: In this round a region will be introduced as dead area. Entering this region will cause penalty. Winner of each match in this round will be decided on the basis of points.
  3. In each arena, there will be solid objects, touching or damaging which won’t cost any point. However, damaging the arena may cause direct disqualification.
  4. Point System will be introduced at the time of event.

Prize Money - To be announced soon
Ayush Agarwal - 9051501840
Koustav Mallick - 9734887255
Atul Kabra - 8013942364