Gear up for a revival of the classics, because Pac-Man is back with a twist! The most A-maze-ing bot chase as you dodge invisible obstacles, decode messages that can't be seen and hurry across the map to eat good food and destroy that poison.

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Problem Statement
Your bot has to autonomously collect food items in a grid and reach its final destination.
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Required Functionality in the Bot
An autonomous robot which while following a straight line in a grid should also be able to decode IR messages.
Arena Description
The arena will consist of :
  1. 128 squares (16 * 8) grid [No. of squares may change] of black colour with white border.
  2. The white lines of width 2.5 cm separating each square.
  3. Infrared LEDs in corners of each square (Intersections of white lines) emitting IR codes.
Event description
  1. Each IR led at a food will emit an IR-code which will give the relative position of the next food item.
  2. The bot has to decode the code and proceed to the next food item.
  3. All 4 adjacent LEDs surrounding the poison will emit an additional danger code (as in mine craft).
  4. Any damage to the arena will lead to immediate disqualification.
The robot specifications
  1. The bot should be able to follow a line, i.e. it should have line following capabilities.
  2. The maximum dimensions of the robot is 30cm * 20cm (L * B).
  3. The bot should be able to decode IR messages.
Event Details
There will a total of two rounds:
Round 1: - In this round the arena will contain only food (and no poison). Each food item will have a LED which will provide the relative address of the next food item.
Round 2: - Food and poison both will be present. The bot has to collect all food items while avoiding the poison. Each food item will have the relative address of its next food location. All 4 adjacent LEDs surrounding the poison will emit an additional danger code (as in mine craft).
IR Code:-
The IR LEDs will emit code modulated over standard 38 kHz frequency. The participants are advised to use TSOP1738 IR detectors for the code detection purpose.Exact details about what code is transmitted will be uploaded a week before the event, please keep checking our website www.srijanju.in/srijan for more updated details.
Participants will be given scores based on the following criteria in this round: -
  1. The total food items collected.
  2. The total time taken.
  3. Negative marks for human interventions and poison encounters.
  4. Total score = (No. of (food item – poison item) collected * 100 – Time taken in seconds*5)
General Rules
  1. The decision of the event co-ordinator is final in case of any conflict.
  2. The participants are to play fair any unfair means caught will lead to disqualification

Prize Money - To be announced soon
Sourav Dokania - 9614989465
Ayush Aggarwal - 9051501840