Quadcopter Workshop

"Design, Build and Test your own electric Quadcopter."
Remember when we were young? We used to think that the moon followed our car wherever we went. Remember when we were young? We used to think we too can fly like Superman with the help of only a red dupatta. Flying toy planes in the sky was a passion, being the fastest toy racer was a craze, and having the most musical toy cell phone was an obsession!
Remember when we were young and we couldn't wait to grow up? What were we thinking! What if we say that SRIJAN 2017 is giving you that one golden opportunity to relive that childhood dream? What if we say that SRIJAN 2017 will take you back in time when you were your own Superhero? What if we say that SRIJAN 2017 will bring out the inner child trapped in your 20-something body?Are you ready to hop in with us?
Hold your breath, fasten your seat belts, and gather all your childhood dreams!! SRIJAN 2017 is about to give you that PUSH to cross over and fulfill that one last childhood dream!
F.E.T.S.U. , Jadavpur University brings to you the chance to build your own quad-copter. Indulge in your passion and build some drones as they take flight in the wild skies. Presenting to you , a Quadcopter building workshop on the 18th and 19th of February, 2017. Hurry for early bird discounts

Registrations open. Hurry Up!!!
See you at the workshop!

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  • Fees : INR 1300 for early bird offers, INR 1400 for on-spot registrations
  • Date : 18-19 Feb 2017
  • Venue : Jadavpur University, Jadavpur Campus, 188, Raja S.C. Mallick Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032
  • Conducted By : Roboversity
Raghvendra Pratap : 8420621467
Harinarayan Byahut : 7980708173