“To a Great Mind Nothing is Little”

This year Srijan brings to you for the first time 'Sherlocked' , an event that is a perfect infusion of brainstorming and exploring out of the box. Participants will be judged on both their logical thinking capabilities as well as their coding skills.
Mr Drumpf has been brutally murdered and the onus is on Detective Mobama(you) to find out who the killer is. Suspiscion is on Mr Drumpf's five friends ,one of whom is the killer . All we could gather was Mr Drumpf's personal laptop which may contain information about who the killer is .

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Round 1
The laptop is password protected. So the motive of this round is to crack the password. Each team will be given 10 logical puzzles/questions which they need to solve within a stipulated time of 45 mins . The answers to these 10 questions will help you to figure out the password. 10 teams will move on to the next round .
Round 2
Now that you have figured out the password(hope so) , you have access to Mr Drumpf's laptop. The laptop contains 5 files(password-protected),each for each of the suspects. Teams will be given 5 coding problems . There will be one test case for each of the problems .The answer to the test case is the password to the corresponding suspect's file. Teams need to open all the files and with the information provided in the files you need to figure out who the killer is. The overall time for this round is 2 hours/
Event Rules
  • This is a team event .
  • Each team should consist of 3 members
  • The decision of the event coordinators are final and binding.

Prize Money - To be announced soon
Sukalyan Sen - 8902231523
Srijan Chattopadhyay - 8443012641
Anik Dasgupta - 9163436746